What you think:

"What a worthwhile day with Penny. She has a faultless eye and really understood where I needed help and where my wardrobe required an update. The colour work was brilliant and has really changed the way I approach shopping! Her styling has really shown me how to accentuate my best bits. One piece she recommended I haven’t taken off. I would definitely recommend working with Penny - it is time well invested. And to top it all off, she is a really great gal. I will be spending more time with her in the future. Put her on your speed dial!"

Melanie, Head of UK Fashion, Grazia Magazine

"Thank you so much for your time on Tuesday.  I can’t believe how dedicated you are!  You are really amazing.  I was so impressed that you spent the first hour+ understanding me, my needs, goals and colouring before getting to the clothes. It was a really smart way of addressing the challenge and it makes me feel like your recommendations are based on what I want and need as opposed to what was close or convenient.  

Your demeanour was also amazing.  I’m certain that you would be equally at ease outfitting a royal as slumming it with me on Portobello Road!  It’s a rare and enviable quality - one I always enjoy in people.

So...thank you so much for all of it!  I really appreciate your time and your advice!"

Jess, Art Editor, London

“Thank you SO much for yesterday, I really enjoyed it. The satisfaction it gave me bagging up all the clothes at the end of the day was immense! It’s a brilliant process to go through; so cathartic, and it really helped me to rethink my attitude towards what I already own and what I buy in the future. You’re so professional and thorough, I can only imagine how many women you’ve rescued from a crisis of confidence and/or a serious rethink about what suits them and ultimately what makes them happy - something which can’t be underestimated. Thanks so much - you’re the best!!”

Clare, Charity Founder, London

"I had lots items of clothing, half of which I didn’t wear as I didn’t have the right thing to go with them.  I was starting a new phase in my life and I lacked smart day-wear for meetings, shopping, lunch. Penny put new outfits together from existing pieces in my wardrobe and gave me a photographic look book of fresh combinations. I really enjoyed our shopping day, it was a real pleasure to be in Penny's stylish hands.  It is lovely to feel confident and well put together. I love my new spring coat, the Tory Burch one, I feel fabulous! Thanks so much, Penny."

Liza, Fitness Professional, London. 

"The 2 day colour and style course was fantastic,  my eyes have been opened to new ideas and ways of thinking and I know the Personal Stylists will get so much out of it and improve their approach with their clients. Penny is a really great teacher and her enthusiasm for what she does comes through and inspired me. I feel like my love of fashion has been revived again - you're the best!!  Thank you!!"

Sarah, Personal Shopping Manager, Topshop

"Penny ran a very successful session with our Personal Styling Team in Birmingham. They are very good stylists with an instinct for what works but lacked the knowledge to correctly assess their clients’  colouring and body shape that would give them a unique edge and set them apart from any other in-store stylist. Penny is a joy to work with, is very knowledgable and experienced and invested a lot of time in making sure the session was informative but fun too. I had great feedback from the session. It has been great to see the Personal Stylists not only improve customer return rates and overall sales but to see them experiment more with colour and styles that they wouldn’t have normally considered with impressive results. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again."

Giles, Personal Shopping Manager, River Island

"I’ve always found shopping challenging but after having three children and a significant change in my body shape, I found it impossible to find styles that suited my figure let alone styles that I loved. I work for myself as a business consultant, working a lot with clients in China and Asia, and although I mostly work from home, I do have to meet with clients and travel frequently. I found myself wearing old t-shirts and jogging bottoms when I was at home and panicked every time I had to meet with a client, attend an event or pack for a trip.  It was adding to the stress of my already busy and demanding life and I knew that it was time to seek professional help.

I have to admit that I was nervous about Penny coming to my house and looking through my very limited and out of date wardrobe. But she instantly put me at ease with her friendly manner and sense of humour. Penny is honest and pragmatic and she made sure I understood her rationale for what worked and what didn’t. She even cleaned my wardrobe before reorganising and re-hanging my clothes. After she left I felt like a weight had lifted and for the first time ever found it easy to keep my wardrobe organised.  

The shopping day was fantastic. Penny had carefully preselected all items and I love the way she put the clothes together. I’ve never had such a productive afternoon shopping!

I know this sounds crazy but dressing in styles I love, even when at home, has changed the way I conduct myself over email and on the phone. I feel much more confident, not only in myself but in my ability to put outfits together. And the complements are an added bonus!

I can’t recommend Penny enough. I have booked in for a follow up shopping appointment to update my clothes for next season and I’m already looking forward to it!"

Sarah, Business Consultant, London

"As it sometimes happens in life, especially in times of transition, I was in a complete wardrobe slump! Every day I would stare despondently at my closet, and wish for an easy and instant answer of what to wear and how to quickly get dressed for work in the morning...without looking too frumpy or too ‘mutton’. Where was my fairy godmother...?

I finally realised that I needed some help! I wasn't sure where to start so I began by looking at a variety of stylist’s websites...until I came to Penny Bennett’s, which somehow felt just right. I loved her easy, relaxed style, which was pretty and interesting...and yet not overly ‘styled’ or too trendy. And her blogs were so practical and helpful, too!
Her emails and pre-consult phone calls were highly professional and reassuring.. and I felt sure that I would be in good hands.
Little did I know that the actual day would be one of my best days ever!
As someone who has always been very interested in clothes, and enjoyed good style and feeling pulled together...I thought I had a good sense of what worked for me. But very suddenly, as a 50+woman, I had somehow lost my confidence and couldn’t seem to get a perspective on what suited me anymore...and what didn’t! 
Penny arrived (in an outfit that I loved) and we immediately got to work. She had so much positive energy, and worked tirelessly, never stopping, taking out piles of clothes, eliminating, re-styling, putting looks together which I would never have come up with, folding, organising, taking photos, and giving thoughtful opinions...it was AMAZING. 

I suddenly had a whole new closet, and a whole new understanding of what colours were best for me and what shapes worked...I felt so refreshed to have someone to help me take out the items that were no longer good for me. And I now understood what purchases I needed to make to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe, and which pieces I should look for to give it some sparkle. 
It was so exciting, and every day since Penny's wonderful visit, I have enjoyed going to my closet. It has been SO much easier to get dressed each day, and with just a few purchases, some of my more classic looks have become more on trend, and I feel a million times better! Thank you, Penny...every minute of your visit was so worthwhile!"

EL, Academic, London

Working with Penny has made me more confident in shopping and re-assured about making decisions about what to go with and how to look my best. I had a successful afternoon shopping and now I understand what to look for and how it works together so I look appropriate and professional. Thank you!”

Anthony, Events Manager, London.

“A great experience. It is satisfying to work with someone who has an instinct for these things and that I can put my trust in. I finally feel stylish without the stress and hassle of shopping for myself.”

James, Media Executive, London

“I found the overall experience very enjoyable and your holistic approach throughout the consultation focusing not just on ‘fashion’ but also tailoring your advice around my lifestyle was very helpful.”

Gareth, Investment Banker, London

"I found your insights really interesting and helpful, particularly offering tips about shopping the high-street on a budget and how to use online search tools effectively - I'll certainly be putting this into practise! I would just like to also add how refreshing and empowering I found the session - I came away with a renewed sense of body confidence and that I deserve to feel amazing every day. Thank you for promoting such a positive message."

Louise, Analyst, London

Very enjoyable session. Penny really knows her stuff but has great intuition and rare feeling for knowing what will work. It's had a major impact not just on how I shop but on re-evaluating my wardrobe, dusting down old clothes that, with the right combination, look better than ever before.”

Jon, TV Executive, London.

"Considering myself to be a reasonably well-turned out city gent, I wasn't really sure what to expect from a style consultation. But in the event I learned a great deal from your expert eye and I now have a much better idea which colours flatter my skin, how to pick clothes that suit my frame and which styles I should avoid altogether. Your advice on the hard-to-master smart-casual look was especially invaluable. Thanks Penny, I'd thoroughly recommend your services to anyone looking to sharpen-up their image, both in and out of the office."

Des, Account Manager, London