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How Can I Help?


How Can I Help?



My clients are professional men and women and busy mums who are short on time but are serious about maximising their potential and want to feel confident in their style. Read the testimonials to see the results you will achieve. 

I will help you find a style you love that compliments your life, teach you the secrets to wearing it with confidence and we will have loads of fun along the way! 

I consult on every aspect of image so if you are looking for something bespoke or you are an in-store fashion associate or personal shopper who wants a competitive edge with up-to-date training, you can read about my additional services here. Or why not join my VIP Club for 24/7 personalised styling advice. 

It all starts with a phone conversation to determine which package of services will tick all your boxes and get lasting results so arrange a call today. 


You will complete a client questionnaire and some fun style homework so I get a sense of who you are, where you are with your style at the moment and your shopping habits.  The session will give you complete clarity on what colours and styles will really flatter your complexion and body shape and how to update and maximise your wardrobe.

We will use your existing items to demonstrate what works and why and how to make clothes work more efficiently. We put together new outfit combinations so you fall back in love with your wardrobe. Your photographs will be loaded onto my on-line wardrobe management tool to take the time and guesswork out of getting dressed every morning. Once your wardrobe is edited and organised I will advise on wardrobe accessories and how to properly store your out of season clothes. I will give you a detailed plan of action and easy to put in place guidelines including a checklist of essential items to transform your wardrobe. You will find it easier and more enjoyable to find clothes that complement you, your style personality and lifestyle saving you time and money. You learn how to make the most of what you love and feel confident and proud of your look. The next step is the Personal Shopping and Styling session.  

Price:           £650.00
Includes:     Personalised Colour Book, Style and                     Wardrobe Report
Location:    Client’s home


My regular clients use this service twice a year to edit and plan their wardrobe, strategise shopping, refreshing it for the new season and building new outfit combinations with existing items. This service is perfect for those new clients who have a clear sense of style and a wardrobe full of great clothes but need help editing, organising, photographing and potentially archiving. You will gain clarity on what you own as we load your items onto your online wardrobe management tool and get back the enjoyment of getting ready in the morning with  some fresh and updated outfit combinations.

Using your personal style guidelines we discuss what you love wearing and decide what stays and has been successful for you and importantly, why. We remove items that are ill fitting, out dated and no longer working for you. When your clothing has been sorted through and organised, the missing items will be identified and we will create your shopping wish list. We will assemble left over clothes into outfits, photograph them load them onto your on-line wardrobe and work out what you need to complete the look. Ill-fitting garments can be pinned ready for alterations and a re-sale service is available to recycle unwanted designer items. I will advise on wardrobe accessories and how to properly store your out of season clothes.


Price:           £650.00
Includes:     Wardrobe Report and Shopping                             Checklist
Location:     Client’s home


Armed with all your style information and shopping checklist, I will research before pre-selecting the garments that compliment your body, lifestyle, taste and budget. I prepare by researching the shops, finding a short list, taking the time and stress out shopping so you can relax and we can use out time together efficiently. Budget permitting, you will enjoy the luxury experience of your own personal shopping suite in London’s top Department stores and boutiques. You will be introduced to new brands and styles and pick up insider styling tips. We will photograph complete outfits that will be loaded onto your on-line wardrobe management tool to take the guesswork out of outfit combining. It is fun, relaxed and you will go home with wearable items that slot in seamlessly to complete your chic, smart and modern wardrobe. 

I also offer online shopping and styling with the same dedication and attention to detail you receive with in-store shopping. I filter through hundreds of options from top fashion websites and online boutiques, and put the selection in your on-line wardrobe that you can then buy at the click of a button. No worrying about what goes with what, I send you complete styling options to take the stress out of getting ready. Or why not try our VIP Club for 24/7 on-going styling support. 

Price:           £650.00 (includes my
                     preliminary research)
Includes:      Photographic Record
Location:      Central London