5 shoe shapes for the new season

5 shoe shapes for the new season

After I have pulled out last years items from storage, the first thing I look to update is footwear. There is nothing like a new shoe shape to refresh last years printed dresses or to bring interest to my weekend uniform of jeans and knitwear. It is all about boots for me and ones with a wearable heel are always at the top of my wish list. Here are my top 5 shoe shapes to instantly modernise your wardrobe.

the sock boot…fitted on the ankle, they feel sophisticated and work well for evening. Look to & Other Stories for a High Street version.

the knee high…perfect for dresses and skirts, I’m thinking about this snake skin option.

the kitten heel… a great workwear style. I love this red that I will wear with denim.

the cowboy boot…The fashion girls favourite. I love these refined pair from Massimo Dutti

the trainer… because if I am not in boots I am in trainers! They make my silk skirts look easy and casual.

5 Animal Print pieces to buy now

5 Animal Print pieces to buy now

Leopards, Snakes and Zebras, Oh my! The shops are full of animal print in every iteration - my favourite is the sophisticated python print and I'm looking at boots, dresses and skirts to wear with my neutrals of white and navy.
A leopard print coat is a timeless way to add interest to your winter wardrobe but if you are looking for a subtle take on the trend then buying into accessories is a great way to re-style your wardrobe staples for the new season. 
Here are my 5 favourite Highstreet buys to bring out the animal in you!

Snake print dress from Mango - cinch it with this belt

Leopard print coat from J Crew - on sale!

Leopard print skirt from Whistles - day to night

Leopard Print dress from Warehouse - workwear option

Snake print flat mules from J Crew - in my clients wardrobes

Penny Bennett is an award winning Personal Stylist helping men and women in London and the UK create an image they are proud of and gets them noticed for the right reasons.

Last Minute Sale Edit

Last Minute Sale Edit

Before we take a break for the summer I wanted to share what I have been buying in the sales to update my holiday wardrobe and to start preparing for the new season. I use the sales as an opportunity to buy into designers but there is great satisfaction in the odd Highstreet bargain too!

Holiday Heroes

The dress with sleeves... perfect for scenic sightseeing and in the city

The printed dress...cocktail hour

the travel trouser...I'll wear these on the plane

the fun bag...as a clutch in the evening or on the shoulder by day

the simple sandal...that goes with everything

The one-piece...something sporty I can wear with the kids 

the elevated beach cover-up... I'll wear this to the beach, to bed and beyond. 

New Season

I know how much you love to plan ahead and now is the perfect time to buy into new season updates at discounted prices. Here is a list of next seasons trends and smart buys to future proof your wardrobe. 

Animal print - The laziness in me loves a backless loafer. These look as good with wide trousers as they do with skinny jeans. 

Leather - This seasons focus is on the leather dress but for those looking for something more versatile a leather jacket update is always a good investment. I love this version from Joseph in burgundy brown with a longer cut that will look amazing with my go-to winter palette of navy, red, grey and burgundy. 

Silver - The magpies among us rejoice, this is your time to shine (in must-have silver). Dance the night away in Prada's comfortable retro kitten heels or for a more subtle take, IRO's classic Shavani jacket. 

Tweed - I love a classic fabric like tweed in a contemporary shape like this Alexa Chung skirt. Mix tweed and silver á la Calvin Klein for extra style points.  

Rust/Chestnut/Brown - The 70s colour palette is strong for Autumn/Winter and this suede midi skirt is luxurious and easy to wear with a shirt or your favourite knitwear. I love Vince for its elevated basics. 

Pleats - The pleated skirt is not going anywhere! This one from By Malene Birger is a future perennial favourite. Wear now with a white T shirt and sandals and knee high boots come winter. Perfect for the office too with a white shirt. Or try a box pleat if you suit skirts with less volume. 

If you are overwhelmed by what your wardrobe needs for the next season and want to buy smarter, you can book a consultation with me here

5 of the best Spring coats and layering tricks

5 of the best Spring coats and layering tricks

Spring brings the promise of new beginnings but if you are anything like me at the moment your wardrobe feels more expired than inspired. Many of my clients struggle at this time of year but transitioning your wardrobe doesn't have to be a headache. So how can we put those fresh spring items into rotation whilst being appropriately covered up and comfortable when it still feels like winter outside? Invest in stylish and light weight outerwear that can be layered and will work for wintery days and into the warmer months ahead. 

What makes a coat a Spring coat? Look for lighter fabrics for example cotton/wool mix or 100% cotton or something shorter in length that lightens the look. I’m thinking beyond the leather and denim jacket here - both perennial staples you should invest in and great for layering but I want to offer you something different as there are so many great outerwear options available. I also love to bring a bit of colour into the mix at this time of year - nothing says spring like a bit of colour. 


This is a life long investment so worth researching to find the holy grail for your body shape and colouring. I feel like this needs a whole blog in itself (coming soon!) but here are some quick pointers on colouring… If you have cool colouring look for the taupes and greyed beiges. Burberry calls this colour ‘Stone’. If you have warm colouring you will have a wider variety of colours that will work, anything from beige, tan, camel, or olive. 

Best brands - J Crew, & Other Stories, APC, Burberry. 

How to wear - layer over your denim jacket or blazer now and with a silk dress in the warmer months. 


If the trench styling doesn’t appeal to you then a minimal cotton coat will be your go-to. 

Best brands - COS, Zara, APC, Bassike, 

How to wear - Layer over a cardigan or layer under a wool coat (just make sure it is shorter than the wool coat or the proportions won’t be right). 


This is my favourite Spring buy as I can still wear my dependable grey but as soon as I put the coat over the top I feel instantly uplifted. The trick is to choose a colour that you love to wear and works with your existing colour palette in your wardrobe. My favourite options are red, cornflower blue, sunflower yellow, raspberry and emerald green. 

Best Brands - Harris Wharf, Zara, Sandro, & Other Stories, Isabel Marant

How to wear - looks great over a denim jacket and with neutral knitwear now and your favourite printed blouse in the spring. 


I’m always on the look out for a stylish raincoat to wear over blazers or denim jackets. I like mine to be long and have this on my wishlist but work with your proportions for a length to suit your frame. 

Brands - Stutterheim, Barbour, RAINS, Zara, J Crew, Arket for great rain-proof nylon bags. 

How to wear - over everything when it rains 


Something for the weekend? A utility jacket is a great alternative to the denim jacket and works with jeans or adds an edge to a summer dress. And the best bit is you can find great versions on the hight street. 

Brands - Whistles, Mango, Zara, H&M

How to wear - layer under your coat now (I just bought this and will layer under this) and over cardigan and jeans as it gets warmer. 

What to wear to an interview

What to wear to an interview

If you are re-evaluating your work situation then you will want to keep reading. Image is important in any interview or business meeting and enhances your ability to project as a leader, expert or influencer. First impressions matter and in the time it takes you to walk into the room and sit down in your chair, the person you are meeting has already formulated a positive or negative opinion of you based on your appearance alone. 

The two things you need to consider when choosing an interview outfit are;

1. What makes you feel confident and communicates your potential. 

2. What is appropriate and will meet the expectations of who is interviewing/meeting you. 

This second point is so important. I have worked with a few clients who came to me because they had a succession of unsuccessful interviews. They didn’t consider the appropriateness of their outfit choice and although they looked professional and put together, it wasn't appropriate for the industry or culture they were moving into. This becomes a delicate balancing act - you may need to reconcile what feels authentic to you and what will please your employers. Dressing appropriately shows you understand what is expected of you and that you acknowledge and respect the culture of the company. It helps the person you are meeting imagine you seamlessly stepping into the new role and that you are compatible with the team. 

Follow my advice to make sure you choose a winning outfit, no matter what the industry. 

  • Dress appropriately: consider the industry, the culture of the organisation, the dress code, your role and objectives.
  • Dress authentically: for people to trust you, your image should be a true reflection of who you are and communicate what you are capable of. Dress in styles that suit your body shape and colouring and above all make you feel good and give you confidence. 
  • Be consistent: your image should be consistent otherwise you may be seen as unreliable. And consider your grooming, you will undermine all the effort and overall effect of your outfit if your grooming is unkept. 
  • Choose Quality: always buy the best quality you can afford. It helps to work with a professional who can help you to identity quality in fabrics and finishes and make the most your budget. Cheap, ill fitting clothes will never communicate professionalism or give you gravitas.
  • Choose appropriate colours: colours should flatter your complexion and communicate your intentions. For approachability and credibility go for deeper colours that blend easily to the eye like navy, white, grey, burgundy, deep green. 
  • Look current: if you look up to date on the outside you will be seen as having the finger on the pulse of your customers and industry. Successful people embrace change and are forward thinking.

If you feel like your work wardrobe is letting you down, then please get in touch


Do you own your Ambition?

Do you own your Ambition?

Spring brings the promise for new beginnings and in that vain, I would like to introduce you to my new consultancy, Own It. I started this new consultancy with my associate, Jan Carrington who has 16 years experience as an Executive Presence and Branding Expert. We wanted to combine our expertise to deliver a more holistic approach to personal branding that focused on developing and communicating presence and gravitas but had a strong emphasis on image. We deliver sessions to help our corporate clients learn invaluable strategies on how to bring their image in line with their career aspirations and to present themselves in a way that communicates and maximises their potential. If you work for a forward thinking corporate companies in business and finance industries and think this is something that you or your team could benefit from then please get in contact

I wrote this blog below about what it means to be ambitious for the Own It website but felt it really resonated with my one-to-one personal styling clients who all have their own ambitions, but would define it in their own unique way. 

Do You Own Your Ambition? 

Growing up I had a very narrow view of what it was to be ambitious. Ambition belonged in the city skyscrapers reserved for men and women executives with high-powered corporate jobs.  I had a strong desire to run a successful business but as my pursuits were always creative, ‘ambitious’ had never been a word that resonated with me - it seemed too aggressive. But what my career journey has taught me is that ambition is not two dimensional - it is aspirational, purposeful, enthusiastic, committed and motivated. Do I own my ambition now? Yes! 

I am not the only one who has a complicated relationship with the word. Tory Burch is a very successful businesswoman who has built a global fashion and lifestyle company but has not always owned her ambition. In fact she flat out denied her own ambition when confronted by a male journalist early on in her career. She let her socially influenced bias of what it meant to be a women and be ambitious influence her association with the word. And for women this stigma is still real. A Harvard University study found that female politicians seeking power came across as uncaring, but their male counterparts did not. This type of social stereotyping exists in all industries and is supported be many work cultures. 

To help realign what it means to be a women and be ambitious the Tory Burch foundation launched a global #EmbraceAmbition initiative to empower females to own their ambition and what it means to them.  This year the #EmbraceAmbition campaign focuses on both women and men celebrating the people who inspire them to embrace ambition. The initiative has reached millions of people and demonstrated the transformative power of questioning stereotypes.

At Own It, Jan and I work with ambitious women and men who might have a different end goal but who are equally motivated and committed. We provide the practical tools they need to effectively communicate their ambition in a way that feels both relevant and authentic.

For all one-to-one personal styling appointments, please continue to contact me through Penny Bennett Style Consultancy. For group session on developing Presence and Gravitas through image then please contact me via the Own It website


why you should take your style out of your comfort zone

why you should take your style out of your comfort zone

Personal shopping appointments are when my clients really see the theory, the editing and planning come to fruition. It is such a joy to see a client's face light up when they really love an outfit I have styled them in. But sometimes there is a moment when they question their authenticity - “I really love this! I can't believe it is me in the mirror but my friends will think it's not me”. 

There are two forces at work here...

1. Your natural style preferences and how you like to wear clothes

2. The issue of confidence.

I challenge my clients by asking them if they saw a women walking down the street in this outfit would they think they looked great? Or if you were moving to a city where no one knew you would you wear this look with confidence? If the answer is yes, then taking your self out of your comfort zone is a good thing. If something is truly your style then it will only be a matter of time before it becomes normal or second nature and feels authentically you. 

And consider the alternative - going back to a style that was ‘safe’ was not making you feel confident or good about yourself. Ease yourself into the experience by trying something new with something that is inherently you. As you get more comfortable and confident, you can open yourself up to even more new experiences and the constant evolution of your style will feel natural and enjoyable. Remember is not always about re-inventing the wheel but merely updating the hub caps. 

If you feel your style doesn't represent who you are or communicate your potential and you want to evolve your style in a fun and stress free way, I would love to hear from you. 

Penny Bennett is a Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper and Image Consultant covering London and the UK that will change how you feel about your wardrobe forever. 

why these shopping habits are wasting your money

why these shopping habits are wasting your money

When I’m editing a client’s wardrobe and we decide an item has to go, even though they know it is the right decision, I always see a flash of frustration on their face. There is nothing more annoying than spending money on an item that never sees that light of day. Your hard-earned cash should be spent on items that fit in your existing wardrobe and will give you enjoyment for sometime. I always endeavour to learn from mistakes and to help my clients learn from theirs so it’s time to think about your shopping habits and why you are wasting money by not shopping smarter. 

Not wearing an item immediately

If your anything like me you have a wish list as long as your arm so it's important to prioritise it by putting those items with more wearability at the top of you list. What can you buy now that will instantly transform you wardrobe and make it more functional?

Not outfitting an item 3 ways

I’m amazed at how many clients tell me that they don’t try on items they have bought with existing pieces in their wardrobe. You will shop smarter if you know HOW you can wear a item with the clothes you already have. It will keep you focused and stop you from impulse purchasing. 

Not understanding YOUR Personal style

Buying an item because it is on trend or it looked good on your sister/friend/colleague is never going to result in a good purchase. I’m a big fan of experimenting and I am always coxing my clients into trying something different but it is always within what will suit them, their lifestyle and their style preference. Promote consistency in your wardrobe by shopping for your personal style. 

Not Shopping Around

There are always deals to be had - whether its free shipping or 10% off by signing up to a loyalty programme. If you are investing in an item, it is worth researching before you hand over your money. I often find that international websites or department stores will price an item differently than a stand alone store. 

I know how overwhelming shopping can be so if you would like help updating your wardrobe and learn lots of tips on the way then get in touch

Penny Bennett is a Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper and Image Consultant covering London and the UK that will change how you feel about your wardrobe forever. 

3 new ways to wear clothes you already own

3 new ways to wear clothes you already own

We survived January, hooray! But it’s still freezing outside and you are probably feeling a little lack lustre about your wardrobe. A wardrobe detox is a great idea at this time of year to give you clarity and purpose but what you are probably desperate for is some inspiration to make your existing pieces not only work harder but to feel fresh again. My clients say outfit building sessions with me are like shopping in their own closets so that’s what we are going to do. Here are 3 fun and interesting ways to wear existing pieces that are already in your wardrobe. Because it’s more satisfying repurposing existing pieces than it is to buy new items (well, most of the time!). 

1. Casualise a statement skirt with knitwear - It’s time to repurpose that party skirt you bought at Christmas time. There is something about mixing the soft texture of knitwear with your dressier pieces that gives your overall look a casual feel. Take a sequin, brocade or tulle skirt and put it with a neutral knit (grey or black works well). Wear with your favourite boots or box fresh white trainers. 

 2. Belt a blazer- This is a great way to give your office blazer an update whilst accentuating the waist too. Perfect for this time of year when you don’t want to take your blazer off even when in-doors. Choose a good quality, preferably leather, belt that fits around your waist (as opposed to your belts for jeans that sit naturally on the hips). You can try this trick with a cardigan too. 

3. A polo neck goes under anything - A black, navy or white polo neck is going to work with lots of your wardrobe either worn under a printed dress or with a statement jacket and adds another texture (read interest) to your outfit. I love a polo neck layered under a striped shirt. Look to sophisticated NY brand, Khaite for inspiration. 

For more inspiration and functionality in your wardrobe book a wardrobe review and outfitting session. Call me today for more information. 

Penny Bennett is a Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper and Image Consultant covering London and the UK that will change how you feel about your wardrobe forever.

the 25 minute wardrobe detox

the 25 minute wardrobe detox

The new year is the perfect time to embark on a wardrobe edit but for most of my clients the thought of organising messy shelves and tackling overstuffed rails is totally overwhelming. So here are five small things you can do that will get you started on your perfected 2018 wardrobe.

1. Swap out your hangers

Remove wire hangers that mis-shapen your clothes and invest in velvet covers hangers. They are inexpensive, keep your clothes from slipping and look uniform in your wardrobe. 

2. Remove killer shoes

If you do one thing this year it should be investing in your feet. The amount of clients that have had to have surgery on their feet because of years of wearing ill fitting shoes when they could have invested that money more wisely in a beautiful and practical (yes, they do exist) shoe wardrobe. Remove all the shoes from your wardrobe that for whatever reason, you can’t walk in. If they are in good enough condition sell them and reinvest that money shopping for a heel style that’s most comfortable. 

3. Organise your underwear

We are all guilty of this - owning underwear that has seen better days and a sock draw full of mismatched socks. Take 5 minutes to clean out your sock draw, matching the pairs and organising them by function (work, weekend, workout). Remove those items of underwear that are ill-fitting and worn out and the organise by type and function. My female clients should then book themselves in for a fitting and discover how the right bra can transform that silk blouse.  

4. Ditch ill fitting denim

Consolidate your denim collection and remove jeans that don’t fit you properly or are no longer flattering you like they used too. With wear and washing the elasticity in denim, especially highstreet denim, will give so give them up. If you have the liberty of wearing jeans to work then it is well worth investing in the best quality you can. 

5. Storage Solutions

It’s time to make a list - look at your existing space and see how it could be improved by using cleaver storage solutions. Separate jewellery with divided boxes, buy clear boxes to keep your knitwear in order, store shoes in boxes to keep odours away from your clothes and making them easier to store and find. 

Parting with items on a regular basis will keep your wardrobe organised and allow you to see what you really love to wear on repeat. When everything is properly stored, it makes getting dressed a joy and sets you up for the day with a clear head and enables you to concentrate on the important jobs at hand. 

If you are dealing with an overstuffed wardrobe and need to create space and clarity then please get in touch

5 building blocks for 365 days of great style

5 building blocks for 365 days of great style

Defining your style and building a strong personal image is all about discovering what YOU love to wear. There is no prescriptive one-size-fits-all solution. 

Think about what you wore for the last five days of a typical week
- What five things did you rely on? 
- What are those items that are the building blocks of your outfits and pull your looks together?

Here are my 5 dependable essentials that I rely on not matter what the season.

Jacket - I love jackets, they allow me to be lazy. All you need is a T shirt and a pair of jeans and the jacket will instantly add interest to your look. Whether your staple is a leather jacket or something more tailored, a jacket is a dependable piece that is worth investing in. 

Accessories - Over the past few seasons I have embraced the clip-on earrings and it has improved the functionality of my wardrobe spectacularly. It is the easiest way for me to go from shopping all day to an evening event and look pulled together. Statement earrings are the best talking point too so perfect for those events where you don’t know anyone. Elevate your casual looks and get more wear out of your essentials by adding your favourite accessory. 

Jeans - Choose a style to suit your shape and buy the best you can afford. This year I’m focusing on straight leg in vintage finishes but whatever your inclination, denim will always be a perennial you depend upon. 

Bag - Whether you prefer under the radar brands or over the top icons, choose a shape and functionality to suit your lifestyle. I love hand-held styles by the likes of Simon Miller but the reality is I need to be hands free so it’s cross body every time. 

Coat - Your coat shouldn’t be the last piece of your outfit puzzle but the pièce de résistance. If you live in the northern hemisphere you will be wearing a coat for 8 months of the year so you will need a variety of styles that work for different situations - a coat for work, something practical for the weekends, an evening show-stopper and something to see you through the Spring. I’m eternally on the hunt for the perfect trench coat and with the iconic look featuring in most collections this coming Spring Summer season, I’m sure to find THE one. 

What is your can't-live-without item?

I would love to help you curate a capsule wardrobe that defines who you are and what you stand for. Please get in touch for personalised advice. 

The Best of 2017

The Best of 2017

In reflecting upon 2017, I cannot thank you enough for making it my best year yet. You, my clients inspire, challenge and motivate me. I’m humbled that you place your trust in me and let me into your wardrobes and your lives. I love communicating with you monthly via the newsletter and I make it my mission to deliver content that will be practical, simple and inspiring.  I get a real thrill from seeing what you like reading about most and it’s no surprise that these three blogs were the most read of 2017. Because the one thing that all my clients have a problem with is how to put outfits together and make the most of what they have.

My client journey starts with me really getting to know them and delving deep into their existing wardrobe and editing and finely tuning it. But the real joy and eye opening experience comes when I outfit new combinations and bring a fresh perspective to old favourites. So without further ado the most read blog of 2017 was… how to layer like a pro

The other big challenge my clients face is shoes… where to buy them and how to wear them.  So, unsurprisingly, you loved my blogs on how to wear winter boots and summer shoe solutions

So here is my first blog of 2018! You have likely made a resolution of some kind but I want to focus on New year solutions - ways of making your everyday life easier, more successful and ultimately more enjoyable. On my blog you will find quick, easy and achievable ways to update your style which will not only keep you motivated to stay on track but inspire you to achieve more. 

If you have been putting your style on hold until now make 2018 the year you do something about it! Working with me will change more than just your wardrobe.  Get in touch to find out more and book in for a chat. 

Happy New Year!