top 10 trend-less brands to know

top 10 trend-less brands to know

September is a time to refresh and reset - to look to the season ahead, what we need to update our wardrobe, how to wear items in new ways and what trends to buy into (or not!).

But also to think about what are those items that anchor our outfits, that ground those new season looks and bring versatility to our wardrobes. In some ways finding great basics that form the core of your wardrobe can be just as challenging as finding a hero piece. But there are brands that consistently deliver on great trendless pieces that stand the test of time. Here are 10 of my favourite anti-hero brands.

1. The Row - Relaxed silhouettes and timeless colour palettes. Yes, it is very luxury (with a price tag to prove it) but you will never regret buying a piece from this cult label.

Key Piece - I have my eye on this satin bag

2. Max Mara - They make wardrobe staples feel luxurious and nonchalant. It’s understated in the right way.

Key Piece - A coat of course! The 101801 coat to be exact. Designed for Max Mara by Anne Marie Beretta in 1981, it’s been in constant production since she conceived it.

3. Massimo Dutti - That Max Mara elegance on a high street budget.

Key Piece - Their Limited Edition Collection of luxe leather pieces are worth investing in.

4. Closed - A German brand offering slick, modern pieces for everyday.

Key Piece - Great for denim including this dress

5. Toteme- For basics that don’t feel basic! Beautiful wardrobe essentials with a scandi sensibility (read COOL).

Key Piece - This neutral blouse is already on high rotation in my wardrobe.

6. Joseph - Based on a framework of closet essentials mixed with deconstructed silhouettes and great colour combinations

Key Piece - Leather leggings…with stretch. A feat of fabric engineering.

7. Arket - Their tag line is ‘Premium Fashion, Everyday Style.’ Yep, that works.

Key Piece - An oversized cashmere jumper for that ‘borrowed from the boys’ look.

8. COS - Great fabrications for the price. Basics with an architectural edge.

Key Piece - They do black so well. These trousers will be a workwear hero

9. UNIGLO - The antithesis of disposable. Simple and universal pieces that can be styled in your own way.

Key Piece - The extra fine merino wool crew neck sweaters

10. My Wardrobe HQ - But what if you want to tap into the trends in a more sustainable way? Renting trend focused designer pieces is good environmentally and financially. Sign up now!

One Step September dressing

One Step September dressing

Long sleeve dresses take the ease of summer dressing into Autumn. Now I will be looking for printed silks and later on, knitted styles when the weather hits freezing. My only criteria is that they work with trainers as well as with boots and heels.

But what if you want the easy of one piece dressing without the dress? In strides the jumpsuit.

When I look at my summer wardrobe and what I really loved wearing, my jumpsuits were the piece that I would go to again and again. The practicality and ease of a trouser with the effortless appeal of a dress. I'll be adding more to my autumn winter wardrobe - styles that I can team with trainers and knitwear for the weekend or put with refined flats and jewellery for evening. I love khaki iterations that feel casual enough for the weekend but polished enough for work and nights out.

Here are the 5 styles on my wish list

For the weekend…Ganni

For work…H&M

For day to night…Rotate Birger Christensen

For special occasions or any occasion…Nakiyê

For layering later on…Arket

For when I want the ease of a dress that’s not a dress…Palmer//Harding (this if I wore black!)

How to edit your wardrobe like a stylist

How to edit your wardrobe like a stylist

With Marie Kondo becoming a house hold name, organising your wardrobe has never been more in vogue. But to really edit your wardrobe, the removing of unwanted items and organising them is only the beginning. Yes, your wardrobe needs to be clean and well organised for you to see what you have, because to see is to wear. But to have a truly functional and curated wardrobe you need to understand what you wear and how you like to wear it.


It all starts by trying things on. Can you make an outfit from existing items in your wardrobe? How many ways can you wear one item? Where are you wearing it to? Do you have the right shoes to wear with it? By putting outfits together it will quickly become apparent what is actually missing from your wardrobe and how you can move your style forward.


Take photos of your outfits and then start making a list of those pieces that will pull your looks together. This is the holy grail of successful wardrobe management and a rewarding shopping experience. I think about what I need next and where the gaps are in my wardrobe. When I look to the new season I often start with shoes (of which I just bought 3 pairs).


Then start researching. I look at my favourite brands and refer to designers who will do certain pieces really well. I try and avoid the quick fixes and build wish lists on my favourite shopping sites.


Now with a holistic view of my wardrobe and a list of possible purchases, I can decide where it’s worth spending on the designer pieces and where I can save by buying high street.


Of course cost is always a consideration but I think about price in terms of wear. Will I wear it to do death and will I love it again when I wear it next year? Building a wardrobe is a long term game - buying 4 cheap highstreet pieces for an instant fix is more expensive in the long term than one designer piece you will wear on repeat.

When I try the pieces on do I really love it? Does if feel good on, does it look good when I move, does it work with existing pieces in my wardrobe and does it fit into my life and will it be functional? Yes, I am a demanding lover but I know when I have pieces in my wardrobe that ticks all those boxes, they are the pieces I reach for time and again.


There is nothing like the thrill of an unexpected buy that becomes the most worn piece in your wardrobe. Something that catches your eye as you are wondering the shops or scrolling online. You can't explain it (and why should you have to) but it is love at first sight. You can already see yourself wearing it and know how it will make you feel (amazing!). This is the beautiful journey of your style - how your style evolves as you evolve.


I would rather have 5 looks I wear on repeat that I love and feel represent me and my style than to have 100 looks made up of ‘that will do’ items. When I look at my wardrobe the pieces I feel most fondly towards are often dresses, leather pieces and beautiful knitwear. So those pieces will go to the top of my wishlist!

If you love the sound of this process and want to build a wardrobe of items you love and wear on repeat then I would love to hear from you!

Would you trust me with your wardrobe?

Would you trust me with your wardrobe?

 I was at a dinner party recently and I was sat next to a man who worked in digital publishing for retail fashion brands. He had worked with various editorial stylists and was interested to hear about my work as a personal stylist. He asked me the usual questions; who are my clients, how do they find me and then he asked me this,


“But how do your clients know to trust you? Especially if you don’t have a background in editorial fashion styling?”. 


I must admit I had to think about this. 


I have worked with hundreds of clients who have let me into their lives and wardrobes and trusted me implicitly with what they wear and how they communicate who they are. But why? What made my clients decide that I should be the stylist with that privilege?

 I am a stylist. I have an eye for what my clients are going to love and that is something that is intuitive and is quite innate. And that is an important distinction between the visual communication of an editorial stylist and a personal stylist - it's not about my personal style it's about putting myself in another women's shoes and thinking about what they would love. Then being guided by my innate sense of taste and the way that they like to wear clothes. It’s hugely positive and creatively collaborative. I am passionate about it and I wouldn’t be doing this if I weren’t good at it. Surely that is enough?! 

 But actually I know there is so much more to it than that. And it all starts with the website...

 1. My Website and My approach

I spent a lot of time on the design of the website. I really wanted the wording to resonate with potential clients; that I totally understand their situation and I that I know how to change it for the better! But also that you begin to get to know me; my sense of creativity and my results-driven approach. For the images I instructed Katie Hyams whose photography is exquisite. She understood exactly what aesthetic I was looking for and what I wanted to achieve. There is also my social media… this comes with a caveat! I have a very Yin and Yang relationship with the communication tool but I hope from the (few) images I post my clients get a sense of my personal style. 

 2. The All Important Call

The next step to building trust with my potential clients is a discovery call. This is an opportunity for me to share my experience and knowledge with my clients over the phone and communicate how my process can help. They should feel reassured by my expertise and inspired and excited about the consultations and what we will achieve.

 But this is also a chance for us to get to know each other and explore our compatibility. I have a relaxed but focused approach to my work and I am sensitive but pragmatic with my clients. This is a collaborative and creative process and I work well with my clients because we understand each other from the outset. I love getting to know their idiosyncrasies, their loves and what they don’t like and I value this relationship. 

 3. Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

My clients come to my because they feel overwhelmed, stressed or confused about their wardrobes. They want to make the most of their personal style, refine their wardrobe and feel confident in whatever life is throwing at them. I change the way they approach their wardrobes and I change how they feel. And importantly we have fun doing it! 


But don’t just take my word for it…

 "I recently had the good fortune of spending a day with Penny and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I needed help editing my wardrobe down and finding a place for items I just wasn’t get enough wear out of. However, I went in with these goals but came out with so much more, with help in areas I hadn’t even realised I needed them. She’s so professional and thorough, and so relaxing to be around. The whole process from start to end was really positive, fun and extremely cathartic. It really helped me rethink my attitude towards what I already own and perhaps even more importantly what I buy in the future. And the satisfaction it gave me bagging up all of the clothes at the end of the day was immense! Whatever it is you’re looking for, be it a confidence boost or a total overhaul of your wardrobe, I strongly recommend Penny and her team to make it happen.”

 “Love…Love…Love. Penny thank you so much for yesterday, as always it was great fun and I wish I could have you come shopping with me all the time.”

 "Many many thanks for your help, its really made a big difference and impact knowing I'll be smartly turned out for work and casual.  I feel like a new woman!”

 "Thank you again for a good day last Friday – don’t know how you manage to make this all fun, but somehow you do!"

 If you are still not convinced you can read more testimonials here.

And if you are convinced and want to take your style on a new trajectory then please get in touch.

 Penny is an award winning Personal Stylist, featured in the Telegraph and working in London and the U.K. Penny can help you develop a strong personal style and functional wardrobe you love. Get in touch today


Colour is your secret weapon

Colour is your secret weapon

Colour is your secret weapon. It can transform the way you look - It can help you stand out, look more contemporary and make an impact. It’s the easiest way to change up your appearance but also influences your mindset - how you feel, your outlook and your confidence.

 Adding mood boosting shades to your wardrobe is a sure way to ooze positivity this Summer. Try a few statement-making pieces in radiant red, bold blue, punchy pink, go-getting green and my personal favourite, yellow. I love the way that yellow makes me feel, it’s playful but sophisticated. I’m drawn to its vibrancy and energy and it’s association with happiness. As Vincent Van Gogh said “How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.”

And there is a yellow for everyone! If you have warm skin then try marigold, canary or mustard and if you have cool colouring try lemon, daffodil or banana yellow.

Here are my top 6 vibrant yellow pieces for your summer wardrobe.

  1. This strappy sensation from Whistles

  2. Yellow  can be work appropriate

  3. And is not just restricted to summer (in my wardrobe)

  4. Mix it with grey for a more subtle approach

  5. It even works for event dressing

  6. I want to wear this on my holiday to Comporta

Penny is an award winning Personal Stylist, featured in the Telegraph and working in London and the U.K. Penny can help you develop a strong personal style and functional wardrobe you love. Get in touch today

The best shoes for your shape

The best shoes for your shape

There is so much to consider when buying a pair of shoes. Yes, the shoe has to complete the outfit, be comfortable and pull the look together but a shoe can also balance proportions and make you look taller and slimmer (even if you are wearing flats!).

Here are the best shoes for your body shape:

Make your legs look longer

+ A backless shoe or mule is a great option as we can see more of your leg and ankle

+ Select a shoe that is tonal to your skin colouring when you are wearing dresses or skirts

+ If wearing trousers wear a shoe in the same colour as the trouser

+ A pointed toe will elongate the line of the leg

AVOID - shoes that cut you off at the ankle or mid calf unless they are tonal to the outfit (ie in the same colour tone as the outfit)

Narrow the ankle

+ low cut shoes elongate the ankle

+ A mule (as above), especially when it has a block heel creates great balance

+ A trainer like Golden goose that is cut very low at the ankle and has a secret inner wedge.

+ Opt for ankle boots that are cut lower at the front and higher on the sides

+ Avoid sandals where the strap goes straight across the foot. Look for styles that criss cross.

AVOID ankle straps unless they are in the same colour as your skin tone or are thicker in size.

Make your hips appear smaller

+ You always want to select a shoe with a bit of weight to it as this will help balance a hip

+ In winter boots work brilliantly with everything including skirts and dresses and are a comfortable way of wearing a heel

+ A block heel instead of a stiletto as it grounds the look

+ A flatform is a great summer staple and if you are on a night out look for a platform heel.

AVOID - dainty shoes like ballet flats and kitten heels

Make you appear taller (even if you are wearing flats!).

+ Always wear a shoe that is tonal to your outfit so your eye is not drawn down

+ Top and tail your outfit - by this I mean wear a colour close to your face to match your shoe colour. For example a red shoe and a red lipstick or a green shoe and a green scarf.

AVOID - a statement shoe that will have everyone looking down at your feet

Show off your slim legs

+ You have the most choice when it comes to shoe styles. Opt for fine details like thin straps and close cut soles.

+ Kitten heels work well and I love a kitten heel boot for the winter

+ Consider the rest of your body - You may have slim legs but we you heavier on the top? Take into account the whole picture.

AVOID - really chunky styles unless you love to play with proportion in a fashion forward way.

Penny is an award winning Personal Stylist working in London and the U.K. who can help you develop a strong personal style and functional wardrobe you love.

5 Spring Essentials - what I am buying for my clients this month.

5 Spring Essentials - what I am buying for my clients this month.

Dressing for Spring days is like stepping into the unknown - have I or haven’t I got it right temperature wise? Today I sat in the garden eating my lunch in the sunshine and this afternoon I am reaching for a jumper. So what are those in-between items that will see you through to the summer and beyond. Here’s what I am buying for my clients this month:

  1. Summer knitwear - the Aussie in me sees this as an oxymoron but I am quickly brought to reality by my London existence. Lightweight knitwear is a Spring must have as it keeps you warm but feels light to wear. Look for cotton, linen or finely woven merino wool or cashmere.

    Brands: ME+EM, Max Mara Studio, Joseph, COS, Uniglo

  2. Long sleeve dresses - The Jewel of the Nile… well that’s how I see it! Infinitely versatile, they work with blazers, denim jackets, cardigans, trench coats and makes you look like you have made more effort than you have.

    Brands: Equipment, Ulla Johnson, Ganni, & Other Stories, Arket,

  3. Summer coats - Choose your style from the classic trench, the functional parka or the light weight wool. Think about your lifestyle and what would work for you - a trench over workwear, a parka on the weekend and a double faced wool for evening.

    Brands: Harris Wharf, Rains, Sandro, Joseph, Whistles, Arket

  4. Jackets - I’m buying mostly blazers and leather for clients at the moment but I also love safari jackets, army jackets and denim jackets.

    Brands: Blaze Milano, Anine Bing, Zadig and Voltaire, Mango, Whistles, Massimo Dutti

  5. Casual trousers - You’ve spent your winter in denim and you are not quite ready for skirts so in steps the casual trouser. Dress it up with shirting and a blazer for work and with a knit and leather for the weekend.

    Brands: Isabel Marant, Masscob, BA&SH, J crew, ME + EM, Hush, & Other Stories, Zara

What I know about Style now I'm 40

What I know about Style now I'm 40

No matter what my client’s age, I want them to enjoy clothes. Their style should be a true reflection of who they are, their authenticity, and what they love visually, all within the realms of what is appropriate for their lifestyle. It’s never a question of age as a number but as a feeling. How do they feel in their skin, what do they love, what do they want to show off and what do they want to disguise. I work with 60 year olds who wear leather leggings, I work with 50 year olds who wear mini skirts and I’m sitting here writing this as a 40 year old women wearing puffed sleeves. How you wear something and the confidence it gives you are everything.

I know what I love and I’m confident in my style. I’m a romantic at heart and am happiest in an ankle skimming dress and flat shoe. I’m a sucker for a beautiful print and and a fabric that drapes just so. I love when something feels like ‘me’, my authentic self and I want to have that feeling everyday. But every day is different and I don’t know how I will feel in 6 months time but below is a checklist to keep my style on track and my wardrobe full of things I want to wear.

  • If I’m not sure if something is ‘me’ I buy the high street version first and and invest later if I love and wear it

  • Never buy 100% acrylic. It doesn’t wash well will look worn after only a few wears.

  • Just because you love something visually or on a stylish friend, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Appreciate it and move on.

  • Something I loved a year ago may not bring me that same joy now. Your style will always evolve. Donate or sell it and feel good about that.

  • Buy more vintage. My romantic side gets inspiration from the past and looks for pieces that are reworked for the modern day. I should give my Net-A-Porter app a rest and visit my local vintage stores. It’s good for the environment too.

  • It has to be fit for purpose? Yes, a Molly Goddard tulle confection is perfection but where would I wear it? I’m still thinking about this….

  • If one day you want to dress like an off duty ballerina and the next day a minimalist, that is ok as long as I feel like you.

  • Can I wear it 3 ways? If I can’t think of 3 ways to wear something with existing pieces in my wardrobe or wear it for multiple occasions, I hesitate about buying it. But I also give myself permission to buy things that are special and that I will only wear a few times and then enjoy just looking at it in my wardrobe… a feathered jumper, a 50s bodice and a heart shaped bag.

  • My days of wearing spaghetti straps are numbered. Sleeves please.

  • Very high-waisted styles are not (really) my friend but I know how to make them work for my straight waist.

  • Don’t buy the inexpensive high street bits for the sake of it. Always wait and invest in something you love.

  • Keep investing in what you love. For me dresses, knitwear and boots.

  • Keep searching for the perfect coat and realise that perfection is unattainable. Same goes for denim!

If you have reached an age milestone and feel that your wardrobe no longer reflects who you are and you want to bring the fun back into getting dressed, I would love to hear from you. Get in touch here

Photo credit Renia Jazz (50+ fashion blogger)

5 of my favourite Aussie Brands

5 of my favourite Aussie Brands

I’m back from a trip to my native Australia and I want to share with you my favourite Aussie brands that are my go-to for not only beach appropriate pieces but effortless styles I love to wear all year round. Like having sunshine in your pocket!

  1. Lee Matthews - Probably my favourite Aussie brand at the moment. I salivated over the slouchy knitwear, tobacco coats and effortless dresses when I was in-store in Sydney. But for now I will be wearing this dress on repeat for the British summer.

  2. Lucy Folk - A piece of her jewellery was on every stylish friend of mine in Sydney. The beaded bracelets will be my new summer favourite and I regret not taking home a pair of the sunglasses. Her cool store in Bondi is a must-visit.

  3. The Avenue - A stylish hat is an essential in Sydney and I am obsessed with the bucket hats and straw boaters from The Avenue.

  4. Bianca Spender - For tailored pieces with fashion led details that will add interest to your work wear wardrobe. She also has a beautiful selection of evening dresses.

  5. POSSE - Using natural fabrics like linen, I love the billowy skirts and relaxed trousers for hot London days or holidays by the beach.

5 Jumper dresses to buy now

5 Jumper dresses to buy now

I’m a dress girl, through and through. Come May you won’t see me out of one. But how do I satiate my appetite for dresses when the weather is below 0 degrees? Welcome the jumper (or sweater) dress - it marries my two favourite things dresses and knitwear (if I’m not buying a dress, I’m buying knitwear. I have 55 jumpers and counting!). And the best bit about them is that they are comfy and warm. Wear now with snow boots and a chunky coat and come spring with trainers or a slip on mule. Here are my top 5…

  1. Jigsaw (and on sale!) Actually I am wearing this as I write.

  2. Massimo Dutti - You can always rely on MD for beautiful iterations. The tie detail is good for highlighting your waist. This is a good option for work.

  3. Vince - Good for petites and I love the lighter colour.

  4. Raey - This is on my wishlist. I love the slouchiness and I LOVE pockets. I’d layer it with a burgundy polo and a belt.

  5. Arket - my go-to place for knitwear on the high street.

Penny is an award winning Personal Stylist working in London and the U.K. who can help you develop a strong personal style and functional wardrobe you love.

Define Your personal style for 2019

Define Your personal style for 2019

I feel that fashion is finally waking up. That designers are starting to consider the modern lifestyle and design clothes that fit in with our lives and worked out that the modern woman needs options. As Maria Grazia Chiuri, the artistic director of Dior said, “In the real world you need different looks. There are moments when you might feel more romantic, more rock ’n’ roll, more male, more sensual. Women change, even in the same day.” I love this quote because it totally aligns with my style values - authenticity and evolution. In our modern world our lives are multifaceted so will our style be. You will have a style for the office, for meeting clients, for work trips, and a style for hanging with friends and family on the weekend to ski holidays to sun holidays. 

With so much choice available and varied demands on our time how do you define your personal style to make a good impression, build a consistent brand and feel like the best you? 

I spend a lot of time understanding my client’s lifestyles, their likes and dislikes and what makes their heart sing. I use this same process no matter who the client is.

Step 1. Have a good understanding of what your lifestyle is like and the clothes that are appropriate now. Whether you are a young professional with a busy social life, a new Mum on maternity leave or a professional Mum with young kids who travels a lot, what are the clothes you need to fill all those aspects of your life.

Step 2. Now start collecting inspiration to discover what naturally appeals to you. I ask my clients to produce a Pinterest board of images they love so I can see what resonates with them.

Step 3. Then look at it analytically - are there lots of dresses, is there a limited colour palette, are the silhouettes structured or relaxed, are there masculine influences or is it overtly feminine? Focus on types of items, colours, silhouettes, materials and styling. Pick 3-5 key things that you consistently see for each of these categories.

Step 4. What is the overall theme? If you look at my Pinterest board pbennett1234 ‘Fashions’ my key words or phrases would be feminine, romantic, languid, soft, muted tones. Even saying those words makes me happy! You will find key words and phrases that resonate with you that may be the very antithesis of this. You will be your most confident when you look like YOU! 

Step 5. Now look in your own wardrobe. The take a photo of yourself in your favourite outfits - even if you only have one.

Step 6. Now analyse it. Does it involve denim, or is there a masculine influence or is there an element of tailoring? What are the key items?

Step 7. Now write down how you feel in the outfit. Does it make you feel feminine, cool, polished, comfortable, sexy. How can you do more of this - the looks you love and less of the ones you don’t. What are the key pieces you need that fit with your overall theme and how you like to wear clothes.

Step 8. It needs to be fit for function. Remember you may have a different look for work than weekend as long as there are nuances of you (go back to the lists you made in Step 3.). Whether that is great colour combinations that make you feel vibrant, nice accessories to make you feel feminine or working with texture to make you feel romantic. 

You now have key words and phrases that represent your style and you have thought about key looks and silhouettes that make you feel good. Keep your list and refer back to it. Remember it’s an evolutionary process - keep checking in with yourself to tweak it and refine it. This will keep your wardrobe tailored to your evolving sense of style.

If you would like help defining or evolving your style I would love to go on this journey with you. Please get in touch.

Penny is an award winning Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant working in London and the U.K. who can help you develop a strong personal style and functional wardrobe you love.

Photo Credit; Harpers Bazaar.

8 ways to build a sustainable wardrobe

8 ways to build a sustainable wardrobe

I encourage my clients to shop. In fact a lot of the time I’m shopping for a whole wardrobe in one day and my clients will be 30 items. In the world we are living where clothes are being worn an average of 3 times before being thrown away and an estimated £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year, the idea that a person buys 30 items in one day might seem excessive. But let’s put this is perspective. What I do with my clients is help them to buy less and buy better. My client will shop with me and then not have to think about shopping again until the change of season or the following year. Every item in their wardrobe has been thought about - the style, the colour, its purpose and how it fits in with the wardrobe. So even if you have not found an eco brand that meets your budget requirements or your style preference, their are lots of ways you can reduce the amount your buy and build a sustainable wardrobe to not only help the planet and the animals that live on it but to save you money too.

1. Wear what you have

Take Olivia Firth’s 30 wear challenge. Every time you go to buy something, think “will I wear this 30 times?” I like to think about whether I will love it next season (i.e. is just a trend piece or a forever piece?). Hang swing tags over the coat hangers of every item in your wardrobe and mark it every time you wear it. You will quickly see the items you rely on helping you to understand how you like to wear clothes and what you should be investing in. This also helps with editing your wardrobe - what to keep and what to sell/donate/recycle. 

2. Buy less and better. 

Invest some time in yourself and find out what colours and styles work best for you and what you love to wear. Only buy items that you know will work for you and that fit in with your existing wardrobe. Can you wear it three ways? Invest in good quality clothes that not only look better but last longer.

3. Buy sustainable fabrics

Different fabrics have differing amounts of environmental damage in their production process.

SUSTAINABLE FABRICS - linen, silk, hemp, tencel, recycled fabrics, some vegan leather.

FABRICS TO AVOID - Cotton, cashmere, viscose rayon, modal, polyester, nylon, acrylic, leather, animal or faux fur.

4. Regularly review your wardrobe and recycle unwanted items

Editing your wardrobe every season not only helps to hone your style but will stop you buying similar items that you will never wear. Donate, sell or recycle your unwanted items. Most supermarkets have clothing recycle bins so you can drop your clothes off before you shop. If you have a designer piece in good condition that you never wear, consider renting it. A sustainable way to put money in your pocket.

5. Get it fixed 

Getting something altered can make a piece feel like it was made for you. Also think about details, changing buttons for example can really make a piece feel more contemporary.

6. Take care of your clothes.

Use eco cycles on your machine, use eco powder and try to reduce the amount of times you wash your clothes.  Storing your clothes correctly on the right hangers and protecting them from moths will ensure their longevity.

7. Do your research

There are some great brands that have designs and finishes that rival their non-sustainable counterparts. But do you research and decide what your priorities are. You may not be able to find a brand that ticks all your ethical, sustainable and social criteria. For example just because something is vegan doesn’t mean it is ethical or sustainable. There are still problems with transparency in supply chains which means we don’t always get a clear picture of sustainability. The image above is from one of my favourite sustainable brands Eileen Fisher.

8. Shop Vintage

There is nothing like buying a vintage item that is totally unique. And don’t be afraid to get it altered for a personalised fit.

I would love to help you build a sustainable wardrobe you wear and love so get in touch.

Penny is an award winning Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant working in London and the U.K. who can help you develop a strong personal style and functional wardrobe you love.